Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow 2010

Here are some photos at last! As you can see, we got some snow recently. I'd say it's about 6-10 inches deep (it's a little hard to tell with the drifts!). It's quite possible that we won't see the ground again until April... :-)

It's like a clear canvas...

The riding ring (just wait till the snow is up to the top of the fence! :-)

The barn

Snow clouds!

The driveway (and some snowy trees, too)

A self-portrait of what kinda looks like a snowman...

Eppie and Ollie followed me around outside as I got all of these photos. They love romping in the snow!

Eppie, right before she pounced on the camera. :-)

Tucker had his romp, but he was more interested in staying warm and cozy in the barn loft.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. It was really chilly and windy outside when I took them. In fact, it snowed again a little bit shortly after I went inside. 

Weatherbug isn't predicting any more snow (or rain) until Saturday, so I guess we'll get to enjoy the snow for a few days. :-)


  1. Ooooh, you're way ahead of us! We've gotten flurries, but no snow to speak of yet. Once the sugarshack is up, though - let it snow! :D

  2. It's actually snowing again today. Well, it's more like thick flurries... if that's possible. I guess they call it snowshowers.

  3. Hi J. Rae, looks cold in Maine...the snow is pretty though. We haven't gotten anything more than some flurries, but calling for some accumulation this weekend. Say "Hi" to the family.
    Aunt Emily

  4. Thank you! Nice to see you writing again!AB